Dear Madam, Sir, 

On behalf of the European NeuroEndocrine Association (ENEA), we invite you to Lyon for the 20th ENEA Congress, which will be held from 7 to 10 September 2022.  

Our life has been greatly impacted during the last year by the COVID-19 pandemic and forced us to organize the 2020 ENEA Congress of Porto as a virtual meeting, which was nevertheless a great success. Thanks to the global efforts, and to the development of COVID-19 vaccines, ENEA 2022 Congress will be organized as a face-to-face meeting to facilitate interaction, initiation of collaborations, and fruitful discussions. The Program Organizing Committee has prepared a balanced program covering all the aspects of neuroendocrinology. From basic research to translational studies and clinical practice, you will find a choice of relevant and cutting-edge topics. You can also have the opportunity to present your recent work, and more importantly, the opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas with other members of our neuroendocrinology community. 

Lyon was selected among “Best in Europe 2019” destinations according to Lonely Planet and amongst “Best Cities in the World” according to CNT 2020 Reader’s Choice. Lyon’s gastronomy is world-famous, with more than 4,000 restaurants including 21 Michelin-starred restaurants in Lyon. You can also enjoy a simple wine and cheese evening in the historical city center classified as “UNESCO World Heritage” or along the banks of the Rhône river where barges are converted into bars. Your slogan will be “eat everything and then walk off the calories”! Just get lost walking the streets of the Old Quarter and Croix-Rousse neighborhoods and discover “les traboules” before a climb to the top of Fourviere’s hill to visit the Basilica. 

All these make ENEA 2022 Congress the perfect occasion to rediscover our “old life". We know that not everything will be the same and we will have to adapt some of our organization. We have already planned to record all the sessions to facilitate the participation of a maximum number of clinicians and scientists interested in and practicing neuroendocrinology in Europe and worldwide, but we really hope to see you in Lyon! 

Please accept our warmest invitation to the ENEA 2022 Congress.

With best greetings,

Prof. Ilan ShimonProf. Gerald Raverot
ENEA PresidentChair of LOC

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

On behalf of the Program Organizing Committee, we have the great pleasure of welcoming you to the 20th Congress of the European NeuroEndocrine Association that will take place in the luminous city of Lyon. We had the privilege to work with a dedicated POC, which has put together an interdisciplinary program that covers intriguing aspects of basic, clinical and translational neuroendocrinology.

After more than two years of being online, this is the time for you to come to the spotlight, present your work and discuss with your peers and leaders in the field. Neuroendocrinology is complex at all levels, from the bench to the clinic, and collaboration is the only way to improve our understanding and management of its associated disorders. The ambition of the POC is to offer a program with dedicated poster and oral communication sessions as a highly interactive platform through which we can get informed but also connect and communicate.

We aspire for a face-to-face meeting, as this remains the best way to reconnect with old friends, meet new, rekindle old collaborations and forge new ones. Therefore, we hope that this time we will be able to welcome you in person.

See you in Lyon!

Andrea IsidoriMarily Theodoropoulou
Chair of the POC (clinical) Chair of the POC (basic)

For ENEA participants we remind you that the French Society of Neuroendocrinology organizes its Scientific Day (English-speaking congress) on September 6 and 7 in the same congress center. Reduced rates are available for ENEA members.
You will find more information on this link: https://sne2022.sciencesconf.org